Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a specialise massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. It assists in detoxification and strengthening of the body's defence system. The techniques used are gentle and flowing - movements include circular pumping and scooping actions performed very slowly, lightly and rhythmically and stationary circles to the lymph nodes increasing lymph flow thereby releasing congestion. A sedentary lifestyle together with ill health and an over refined diet causes the lymphatic system to be over burdened and slows it down. M.L.D. relieves aching skeletal muscles and re-balances an accumulation of lactic acid and deficiency of oxygen in the blood. Muscles are therefore relaxed and softened. The gentle techniques used make this massage suitable for clients who may be contra-indicated to Swedish/Remedial Massage. Reflexology and Cranio Sacral Therapy work well with this treatment.

Cranio sacral therapy, Reiki and lymphatic drainage are usually included with massage treatments or with reflexology. The combination of any of these treaments 1 hour.......£45

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