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Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a very subtle and profound healing form which assists the body to balance itself. What began as an unexplained phenomenon during a surgical procedure in the 70's became the basis for what is becoming one of the world's leading natural therapies - and a ray of hope for patients everywhere searching for relief. C.S.T. uses gentle, intuitive techniques and is so non-invasive that it can be used in fragile or acutely painful conditions where other forms of treatment could not be. Using a light touch, generally no greater than the weight of a 20 pence coin C.S.T. improves the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminates the negative effects of stress, strengthens resistance to disease and enhances overall health. As a whole body therapy, treatment may aid almost every condition from migraines, back pain, digestive problems to anxiety, grief and depression to name just a few. C.S.T. has been described as being like the removal of pebbles disrupting the stream of vital energy that flows around your body. The results can be profoundly relaxing and exhilarating. Sessions are usually about 45 minutes to an hour. C.S.T. can be used with any of the other treatments or on its own. This treatment is carried out through clothing. Tansy uses C.S.T. on babies and animals as well as children and adults.

Cranio sacral therapy, Reiki and lymphatic drainage are usually included with massage treatments or with reflexology. The combination of any of these treaments 1 hour.......£45

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