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Offering a professional and caring service to unwind in a unique and peaceful environment at her home in the New Forest. Tansy has been a therapist for over seventeen years gathering new skills along the way.

My Pricelist

Remedial Massage

Massage will help reduce pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue as it removes the accumulation of waste products that prevent the muscles working efficiently. Read More


This therapy can be deeply relaxing, allowing tension to ebb out of the entire body, energy to flow, restoring balance and enhancing circulation bringing nutrients to every cell of the body and loosening muscles. Read More

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is deeply relaxing and allows escape from the stresses of life. It provides anxiety relief and increase energy levels therefore giving a feeling of well being and balance of the body. Read More

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a specialise massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. It assists in detoxification and strengthening of the body's defence system. Read More

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a very subtle and profound healing form which assists the body to balance itself. Read More


Reiki is the transference of universal life force energy by the gentle placement of hands at the main energy points in the body. Read More

Equine Sports Massage

The massage for horses is a combination of Sports and remedial massage. The massage for horses is a combination of Sports and remedial massage. The aim is not just to relieve muscular pain but to also assist in the prevention of further injury to those muscles. The difference between these massage treatments and other forms of massage or other types of therapy is that it will assist in balancing the body as a whole, rather than each individual part. Treatments therefore always cover the horse from head to tail, including the legs. Read More

2022 Pricing

Remedial Massage 30 minutes (This is only for regular clients as a short maintenance top up to the usual hour’s appointment) £25
Remedial Massage 1 hour £50
Remedial Massage 1 hour 15 minutes £62
Remedial Massage 1 hour 30 minutes £75
Reflexology 1 hour £50
Reiki 50 minutes £45
Indian Head Massage and Reflexology 1 hour £50
Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology 1 hour £50
Massage and Reiki 1 hour £50
Indian Head Massage 40 minutes £37


After Care



Increase your water intake for 24-48 hours to assist the removal of toxins, but generally increase if your intake is too low.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol should really be avoided for 24-48 hours - it can make you nauseous or the effects of alcohol heightened.


You need to try and rest to allow the benefits of the treatment to process and your body to heal. You may possibly ache a little the following day.
Well Being

Extra Care

You need to take care driving following a very relaxing treatment as the concentration levels drop - keep the window open and be aware of the possibility of tiredness.


You may possibly feel emotional after a treatment and this can manifest in different ways.


Deep breathing exercises and visualisation between treatments is very beneficial to increase lung capacity, assist relaxation, reduce stress levels and encourage a quicker result.

Areas I Cover

Ashurst, Bank, Bartley, Beaulieu, Bolderwood, Bramshaw, Brockenhurst, Brook, Bucklers Hard, Burley, Cadnam, East Boldre, Eling, Exbury, Fordingbridge, Fritham, Godshill, Hamptworth, Hyde, Hale, Holbury, Hythe, Hampshire, Lyndhurst, Marchwood, Milford on Sea, New Milton, North Gorley, Sway, Woodlands and surrounding.

Client Feedback


"Best massage I ever had! Having had long-term health problems which include fatigue and allergies I find these treatments soothing but invigorating - can't recommend highly enough - fantastic therapist."


"I have Multiple Sclerosis and Tansy's massage has been invaluable. After treatment I have increased flexibility as muscle spasms have eased, which in turn improves my walking and pain. It greatly reduces my stress levels and gives me a feeling of calm and well-being."


"My 12 year old son has a long history of being sick when nervous - normally before or on the way to school. After a combination of massage, cranio sacral therapy and reflexology with Tansy he has been able to face exams with no sickness at all."


"I have been having massage with Tansy regularly for a year now . She is a very calming, experienced practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone. I always look forward to my treatment and feel amazing after, not just in body but in mind too."


"My chiropractor recommended remedial massage to relieve muscular tension in my neck, shoulders and jaw which was causing migraine too. After just a few sessions of massage and craniosacral therapy with Tansy I am already feeling so much better."


"I have MS & as conventional medicine has not helped me personally, I've looked towards alternative therapies that may help me, including massage. I've been going to see Tansy for nearly a year now & I always look forward to my next visit. I find her a very professional, caring young lady who I would thoroughly recommend."

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New Forest and Surrounding